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6 Illegal Weapons of Bad Bloggers

6 Illegal Weapons of Bad Bloggers

Before reaching the discussion I explained first, my goal is to make this post as knowledge no more, I also do not provide download facilities in this post. so don’t get me wrong.

OK, continue.
 Which blogger doesn’t want his blog to go forward with the meaning that Alex dropped dramatically, visitors increase a lot, make posts without having to bother typing? 
everyone would want that, me too but sometimes this is where the Bad Bloggers choose the wrong path, using illegal software and of course, it’s prohibited in the world of blogging.
Do you want to know anything about these weapons?
This is the explanation.
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1. Alexa Booster

Of course, you can already imagine what this software is.

Alexa Booster is a software that has the function of boosting the Alexa Rank of your blog.
For example, 11 million when you use this software can go down to 10 million, indeed.

2. Jingling Software

If you already understand the world of blogging, you already know what Jingling is. 
Many consider Jingling software and many also think that juggling is a way to instantly increase visitors without having to visit the blog, so you just need to enter the URL and click on the button.

3. Fast Visit

The same thing with Jingling, if Jingling is usually the third person (read = People who don’t like us) who runs it, if it’s Fast Visit we run it, so bloggers using Illegal Weapons want their blogs to get many visitors without complicated ways, just click get “Fake” visitor.

The advantage of this weapon is that it can control IP fake visitors, so for a little visitor from the USA, you can raise it with Fast Visit.

4. Backlink Booster

If this is the purpose of raising Pagerank with 100,000 ++ Backlinks from well-known web sites. 

It’s easy, you just enter your blog URL then click Boost! already, the software will run by itself.
The advantage of using this software is getting a higher ranking, increasing traffic and increasing earnings.

5. PHP Auto PostScript

If this is suitable for bloggers who are lazy to make their own posts, just copy the PHP code, run it in the browser, then enter the URL, I guess so. CMIIW, I know I’ve never tried this.

6. Auto Post Software

The same is true for PHP Scripts if this is without code that makes a headache, Software I mean here is R2Blog Autopost, Have you heard?

This software is very user-friendly we can choose which posts you want to post to the blog, you can also edit them, there are also editors like CKEditor.
Weapons of Bad Bloggers

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