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5 Food Sellers Who Always Flood Buyers During

5 Food Sellers Who Always Flood Buyers During Eid

There is no doubt if Lebaran arrives in almost every house, there must be a variety of foods ranging from cakes, diamonds to chicken poor.

Because of the many typical Lebaran foods at home, it certainly makes us bored and wants to taste other foods.

Therefore it is not surprising if there are some food vendors whose stalls are always filled with buyers when they are tired of eating Ketu pat and poor at home.

These foods do not die and are always targeted by food lovers.

What are the foods?

Come see.

Food Sellers Who Always Flood Buyers During

1 Meatballs

During the month of Ramadan, it seems like this one food sale is rather sluggish.

How not, when the powder of Maghrib’s call to prayer arrived, people immediately focused on compote, freshly mixed ice or Takjil.

After that, they immediately ate rice after a day of stomach empty people.

They are automatically filled and not interested in enjoying other snacks such as meatballs.

But take it easy, for those who like meatballs, you don’t need to worry, because food made from processed meat is definitely always present from Eid.

Yes, during Ramadan it is rather rare for people to sell meatballs.

But after Eid, this one meal will be the best-selling.

Yes, in the Lebaran moment, meatballs can be an alternative food for people who are lazy to taste Lebaran or poor Ayam cakes.

We know, meatballs have their own attraction, especially gravy, chili sauce and various types of Bakso ranging from veins, eggs to meatballs.

1 Chicken Noodles

Besides meatballs, alternative foods that will also be invaded are chicken noodles. Try to prove it yourself, during Lebaran, there will be lots of buyers lining up around the chicken noodles around your house.

Just like meatballs, chicken noodles also seem to be one of the foods that are ‘pawned’ during the month of Ramadan.

So, for those who miss chicken noodles, you can enjoy it as much as possible.

Moreover, enjoyed with Lebaran kinds of cystic salty cakes, crackers, and others.

3. Rujak

Try to be honest, there must be many who miss wanting to eat salad, right?

Yes, yes, during the fasting month you will definitely rarely eat rujak in broad daylight.

In fact, during the day when the sun is blazing hot, eating this salad may be a compulsory meal for some people.

Luckily you are strong in faith during Ramadan until you are not tempted to eat it at all during the day.

Well, Eid is the momentum to celebrate the victory day of eating your favorite rujak.

Foods with distinctive fruit slices ranging from red guava, young mango, pineapple, Kedondong, guava, cucumber dipped in brown sugar sauce sprinkled with peanuts and roughly chopped chili can you eat as much as you like But don’t get too spicy, then you can have a problem with your stomach.

4. Come on

One of the foods that make miss when Lebaran arrives is dumplings.

This one dish does not know the time when eaten.

Want morning, afternoon, or evening, eating Siomay is still delicious and delicious.

Imagine, you eat fish dumplings, cabbage, boiled potatoes, tofu meatballs and boiled bitter melon sprinkled with peanut sauce, how delicious and delicious your Eid moments are.

Moreover, eating together with family, relatives or relatives who are in touch with your house.

Wow, it must be delicious.

5. Mixed black sticky ice cream

When your stomach ca n’t accept all kinds of Lebaran foods ranging from NASCAR, snow princesses, Rengginang to canned cakes, then you need a food that is analytical that almost everyone likes and definitely looks for this food.

Yes, none other than ice cream mixed with black rice.

ice cream flavors

After completing the Eid prayer, you will definitely eat Ketupat and poor Ayam, then the most suitable dessert is ice cream stirred with black planets.

Prove yourself how nice it is to eat ice cream mixed with black planes at the moment of Eid later.

You must be addicted.

ice cream cake

Well, that is some food menu that will be sought after a lot of people in Eid later.

If you capture business opportunities from the types of food on top, not no harm Tuh you so sellers are impromptu.

Not bad to increase income during Eid ice cream flavors.

Don’t worry, the raw materials are also easy to find in the markets.

If you are seriously interested in the impromptu food business above, don’t forget to also check Kabultime.com to be able to reference the capital guide you need.

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