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6 Parts of the Vehicle Car that Must Be Checked After Using

6 Parts of the Vehicle Car that Must Be Checked After Using

The high ticket prices make this year’s travelers as much as possible using land routes, especially private cars.

Likewise in Sumatra, made many nomads choose going home using a private car.

From that long trip, plus a walk with family or meeting relatives, the condition of the car is not the same as when going home.

 Therefore, try to check some of these things so that the conditions return to normal.

  1. The outer body of the car

Washing the car clean is, of course, obligatory after using it remotely.

However, it turns out you also can’t just wash it.

The dirt that sticks after a long trip can cause a scratch on the car when it is washed. 

Therefore, make sure the dirt falls before it starts rubbing. 

After the outside that looks clean, do not forget also under the car which is usually a nest of dirt that sticks. 

Dirt that is not lifted perfectly can make certain components porous, including the engine.

In addition to the car body and underside, many forget that the glass is also very important to be cleaned properly. 

During the trip back and forth this part is exposed to pollutants from smoke or acid which is carried by rainwater.

Cleaning it with special medication can make the car’s outward view clearer.

  1. Clean the interior

The inside will be a nest of dirt after a long trip, either from food crumbs or also spilled drinks. 

Especially if the passenger in the back seat is still a child, the rest of the food and drinks will, of course, be very abundant.


In the upholstery with leather, it might be easier to clean compared to other materials because it lives on a rag. 

However, not so with fabric that must use special drugs, if you do not want any stains left behind.

Don’t forget that the car’s carpeting needs to be cleaned and washed all even if only the parts are trampled. 

This section is very important to clean to avoid damp and nesting insects and also eliminate odors and can make the cabin of the car more refreshed.

  1. Check tire quality

Tires must also be considered, especially during the trip to the hometown, the road that is passed is not always smooth.

 Of course, the condition of the tire when leaving will be far different when you go back to the house. Make sure that the tire has the right air pressure before it is used again for activities so as not to endanger yourself and your family.

Also, make sure the tires aren’t bald yet.

Because maybe a bad and challenging path is very possible to make bald vehicle tires.

 If it’s worn out, you should immediately replace it with a new one.

  1. Check the engine

In the engine section, do an air filter check, if it’s still in good condition, only cleaning is done. 

Likewise with fluid and lubrication. 

Components such as oil, brake fluid, and radiator water are enough to be added if they are reduced.

Do not forget to also clean the air conditioner, long distance and non-stop making the AC filters need to be cleaned so that the cooling remains maximum.

  1. Electrical function test

To check the electrical function of the car, just check through the indicator panels on the dashboard, if there is a problem, it usually lights up. 

In addition, it is also done with a scanner that can read the latest state of the car, so that the inspection can be more comprehensive.

  1. Pay attention to the legs of the car

For the legs, the earliest examination is seen from the physical condition.

 Further examination is carried out by feeling directly when taken driving if there are noises or noisy from under the car, it is suspected that the legs are problematic.

Don’t forget that the brake linings are already thinning or there are components that are dirty after a long trip that might need to be cleaned or even replaced.

Apart from you, it turns out that your car also needs to be inspected before returning to Jakarta traffic jams. 

Take it immediately to the workshop, especially if you don’t understand automotive so that the repairs can be right on target.


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