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How to keep your eyes healthy even though you have a whole day of gadgets

How to keep your eyes healthy even though you have a whole day of gadgets

In fact, gadgets are very dangerous for eye health if used too long.

Looking at gadgets and computer screens and the like can cause disorders such as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), asthenopia (tired eyes) and dry eye (dry eyes).

Therefore, there are a number of things you can do to maintain eye health. Check out the following review:

  1. Adjust cellphone lighting

Nowadays, many smartphones have been able to adapt screen lighting to suit ambient light conditions.

This also applies when outdoors, so we can see the cellphone even in the hot sun.

Even so, sometimes the light still doesn’t feel comfortable in our eyes because it’s still too bright. 

Therefore, try to adjust the light to the eye.

Also, make sure to use enough lighting indoors when using your cellphone at night and not use it in a dark room.

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2 Use giant fonts

Plus, don’t be shy even though the letters used on cellphones are the biggest size that makes you look old.

The large size makes writing on the cellphone easier to read and makes the eye load when staring at the screen is reduced.

This can prevent vision reduction problems that cannot be avoided due to age.

  1. Set breaks

Health experts recommend the 20-20-20 method when using a cellphone, which is to rest their eyes from a cellphone screen or other gadget for 20 seconds after using it for 20 minutes.

We can look away from the cellphone screen and stare at objects that are 20 feet or more than 6 meters from our position.

The distance between the eyes to the cellphone also turns out to have an ideal distance between 30 to 40 cm. Make sure you keep this distance when using a cellphone.

Besides that, the position also turns out to be important in using a gadget, the position of the gadget may not be parallel to the eyes so that the eyes remain healthy and awake.

  1. Take a break from your laptop/computer

For you, office people who work every day using a laptop or computer, also pay attention to the affairs of the eye rest schedule. Rest your eyes for 10 minutes after a full hour staring at the computer.

If you can get out of the room, you can also choose to look green and even small exercise, which is not only beneficial for the eyes but also for the health of the body.

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  1. Consume vitamins and vegetables for the eyes

Nutritional intake is also very important in maintaining eye health. 

Try to take vitamins that are specific to the eye. 

Especially if you often have tired eyes or dry eyes.

Also, try eating lots of carrots in juice or vegetables.

Especially nowadays there are also many healthy foods or drinks that contain lots of carrots which of course will be very easy even if you don’t like carrots.

6 Blink regularly

Staring at the screen continuously will make your flashing reflex less. On the other hand, the lack of blinking causes the eyes to dry out.

 Try to blink regularly, which not only maintains health but also makes the mind more relaxed.

In addition, so that your eyes don’t get tired quickly you can activate the night mode feature on your electronic device or read mode in the browser when you are surfing in cyberspace. 

This method is effective for reducing the effects of blue light emitted by your gadget.

At present, it is very difficult not to overuse the gadget , because the gadget is not only used for work but also entertainment and looking for the latest news.

Kuy keeps your eye health by doing the six tips above regularly. 

Because with a healthy eye condition, you can access to find financial products that you need to go through everyday life, such as credit cards, insurance, collateral-free loans (KTA), home/vehicle loans, and so on.

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