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Want to have a perfect body? Look at the Latest Diet Trends!

Want to have a perfect body?

Look at the Latest Diet Trends!

Lots of people crave the ideal body, including you, right?

 But not everyone can get the ideal body easily. 

A lot of effort can be made to get it.

In addition to exercise, various types of diets are also believed and proven to make someone have the ideal body as coveted.

From time to time, various kinds of diet trends appear.

Not infrequently, old diet trends appear to be a trend again.

Celebrities also often helped popularize certain types of diets, such as Dian Sastro who underwent the keto diet. Have you ever tried one type of diet that is trending?

Here are some types of diets that have become a trend lately:

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Keto diet

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is a diet by applying a low carbohydrate diet.

When running a keto diet, instead of carbohydrates, you can eat foods that are high in protein and fat. This diet has become a trend since 2019 and is followed by the Kardashian family.

Well, because carbohydrate intake is restricted, then this diet can quickly reduce the weight of the person who runs it. In addition, the keto diet can reduce blood sugar levels.

For this reason, the keto diet is beneficial for diabetics. Diabetics will be helped in controlling their blood sugar.

keto diet

On the keto diet, the goal of high-fat consumption is so that the body reaches ketosis.

The condition of ketosis is a condition when the body will burn fat as the main energy source. Ketosis is actually a mild condition of ketoacidosis, which is a dangerous condition in type 1 diabetes.

This diet also produces pro-cons, but several studies have shown that the keto diet is safe and effective to do.

Thonon diet

The Thonon diet is a diet that is high in protein.

In addition, it requires reducing daily calorie intake.

If the normal calorie intake can reach 1,200 per day, then when running the Thonon diet it is only 600-800.

The Thonon diet can be done for 14 days.

Although it is said that it can lose weight up to 5 kg in just 14 days, this diet also has a negative side.

The Thonon diet is considered unhealthy because it only relies on high protein but low-calorie intake. In addition, although at the beginning of a diet program can lose weight, to maintain it is certainly not easy.

Planetary diet

The planetary health diet or planetary diet was discovered by experts in early 2019.

The discovery of this diet was the result of a three-year project involving dozens of experts from 16 countries including Afghanistan.

This diet prioritizes food sources derived from plants.

This dietary pattern can prevent environmental damage due to improper food production systems.

Inappropriate food production systems can trigger many negative things such as global climate change.

According to experts, a change in the food system is needed globally.

The goal is for the earth to be able to provide healthy food to its residents which will reach 10 billion by the year 2050.

For this reason, the global consumption of red meat and sugar must be cut by 50 percent.

Conversely, consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, must be doubled.

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This diet does not regulate what foods should be consumed. On the CICO diet, aka Calories In Calories Out, the most important thing is to monitor the number of calories in and out.

If the calories entered are less than the calories that come out, the weight will decrease.

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Your body weight will increase if the calories you enter are more than the calories that come out.

So, if you follow this CICO diet, after eating anything free, you have to find out which activities can produce the appropriate amount of calories.

The goal is of course to achieve the weight you want.

This kind of pattern is indeed complicated, but it’s delicious that you are free to eat anything right?

Flexitarian diet

Through this one diet, one can feel the benefits of vegetarianism, but can still consume animal products.

What’s the difference with vegetarians?

A vegetarian does not eat meat or even foods that are essentially animal ingredients.

There are also vegans who do not eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and all products that come from animals.

Well, to implement a flexitarian diet, you have to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and focus on protein from plants.

However, you can still eat animal products.

In addition, it must limit the consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The point is this diet aims to consume more nutritious plant foods and less meat.

Flexitarian diet can reduce the risk of heart disease to diabetes.

This diet lasts for 5 weeks, and for the consumption of meat can be reduced little by little.

Want to have a perfect body

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