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How to Increase Internet Speed Make fast

How to Increase Internet Speed Make fast

Previously it should be noted that the way to increase internet speed is to normalize or create optimal speed according to the existing internet service speed package.

How to increase internet speed windows 7

So, NOT UPGRADE, suppose the 1MB package will be 10MB, 3G will be 3.5G or 4G.

There are some cases when the internet connection feels slow, not as usual.

This problem can be due to factors of providers or internet service providers who are in trouble or can be caused by users (customers) whether intentional or not.
This discussion reviews internal problems from the customer (user) side.

How to improve internet speed for gaming

Previously, you should know the internet speed that you used first, is it in accordance with the chosen service package?

Internet speed booster

You can use free online bandwidth test tools that will provide information on download and upload speeds on the connection at this time.

how to increase internet speed using cmd

If the results of the download and upload speeds are slow or not in accordance with the choice of service packages and that is not caused by the provider (for example there is a technical problem), then try checking the sections below:

how to increase internet speed in android

1. Check the modem cable and router and make sure you have a solid and clean connection

It is a fact that a damaged, dusty or loose cable coming from a modem or DSL cable to a wireless router or to a computer can cause a significant reduction in internet speed.

Clean all connections regularly.

how to increase internet speed windows 10

Pay attention to the air vents around all electrical components to avoid overheating.

Ethernet and DSL cable quality can play a role in the overall speed of your Internet connection.

Buy cables that are rated specifically for the intended destination, and replace cables when they are outdated or outdated.

Do not use old or damaged cables.
Also, make it as short as possible.

How to increase internet download speed

2. Check the filter if you use it

If you use a low-quality or unreliable filter, it can cause a decrease in your internet speed of 30 to 60% and you will often experience disconnections.

So always buy high-quality Filters, Modems & Routers.

3. Remove all unnecessary programs from the device

Use the Add or Remove Programs feature from Control Panel for PC to delete programs that you don’t use regularly.

You can also access through the Task Manager by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” for the PC to see if there are programs running in the background that you don’t want.

How to increase wifi internet speed

Remove all programs that are no longer needed, but be careful to delete items if you are not sure about the purpose or function on your computer.

Always install the minimum number of applications that you actually use every day.

So, uninstall all junk applications & games from the device.

For Android and iOS, you can get a free application to clean your device.

How to Increase Internet Speed Make fast internet

4. Prevent Windows from downloading updates automatically

The Windows OS on the computer will automatically check for updates and install the updates found.

You can set it, but this option is hidden.

You can prevent updates from updating automatically on certain connections by setting them.

5. Wireless internet and your security

Currently, the modem used is generally available hot spots or wifi.

For that, make sure the wifi is not open (There are no protected keywords).

This protection will help to disable unauthorized internet access by others.

How to increase wifi internet speed

Besides being able to reduce internet speed, unprotected connections can cause hacking and other users can find out your personal information.

6. Change your Wi-Fi channel or Deactivate the wireless telephone

Your wifi channel is very important for good internet speed.

In most cases, the 2.4 GHz wifi channel and other 2.4 GHz wireless phones with the same channel can work together so that it will cause problems.

Like a bad wifi signal or slow internet speed.

Switching to one of these channels will reduce interference and may increase your speed.

7. Turn off devices that are connected to the Internet when not in use

At present, it is possible for one house to have more than 5 devices that can be connected to the Internet, such as smartphones, iPods or MP3 players, printers, game consoles, and other Smart televisions.

How to increase wifi speed on android

When this device is turned on, it might use bandwidth from your internet connection even if it’s not used.

Turn off all devices after being used to ensure that your bandwidth is only for active use of the device.

8. Use Google Public DNS or OpenDNS

If possible, use Google Public DNS & OpenDNS designed to speed up and help secure the Web browsing experience by utilizing a fast network of DNS servers around the world.

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What is the difference between these two services?

Read more about Google DNS VS OPEN DNS.

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