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Get to know Cloud Computing what is cloud computing

Get to know Cloud Computing what is cloud computing

Get to know Cloud Computing Have you read my email?
Have you read the link that I sent?
Can I open my presentation draft yet?

You might use a desktop or laptop to make an article or presentation.

Then you want your friends to read and comment.

While he was on his way from home to his office?

Even though you and your friends are being hunted for time to prepare an article or presentation that will be published or presented in the next few hours.

what is cloud computing

That’s one illustration of how you have to get along with the ins and outs of cloud computing.

You often encounter problems in using applications and data when your mobility is getting higher.

While not all data you need to store permanently on your device.

Often do we complain that ROM or internal memory in our device is full?

Or lots of junk data or files in our device storage media.

The development of cloud computing technology is increasing rapidly.

If you look at its history, this cloud computing vision has been around since the 50s.

And until now, that vision has guided all stakeholders in the world of information and communication technology to develop various findings.

What are the characters and benefits of the cloud?

That’s what you need.

Because of the benefits that make cloud computing grow.

The first benefit is scalability, namely with cloud computing we can increase our data storage capacity without having to buy additional equipment, such as the hard drive that you use.

You just add the capacity provided by cloud computing service providers.

The second is the benefits of accessibility, namely, we can access data whenever and wherever we are, provided we are connected to the internet, making it easier for us to access data at important times.

The third is about security, that is, our data can be guaranteed by the cloud computing service provider.

So that for companies that are IT-based, data can be stored securely in cloud computing providers.

It also reduces the costs needed to secure company data. You also don’t worry too much when your storage media is damaged.


The fourth is Creation, ie users can do/develop their creations or projects without having to send their project directly to the company,

but users can send it through cloud computing service providers.

If you need to stay share or share.


What exactly is a cloud?

Cloud Computing is a paradigm in which information is permanently stored on a server on the internet and stored temporarily on a user’s computer, including desktops, tablet computers, notebooks, wall computers, handhelds, sensors, monitors, etc…

Of course, we are faced with the need for an internet connection.

Devices with the ability of the processor and RAM are more needed than hard drive capacity or internal memory.

The most basic function is to store our data.

When we send an email, of course, our data is stored on the email service server.

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However, if the data we send is large enough, you will be directed to save in a more flexible storage facility.

Suppose we use Gmail, when we will send photos or videos with large file size, we will be directed to use google drive.

In the near future, this application will end soon.

Instead of the Drive application, Google prepares a new application called Backup and Sync.

The application that also replaces the Google Photos Uploader has functionality and work methods that are more or less similar to Drive.

OneDrive is present as a competitor to Google Drive.

The service also provides up to 15GB of storage access.

You can also easily share files via the share button in the service.

Cloudwards.net ranks the best clouds, namely: pCloud, sync.com. Google drive, mega, and Mediafire.

All five are assessed for monthly paid service packages, not free ones.

In its development, the application has also been provided by the cloud.

Until we don’t need to install software permanently in all devices that we have.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one example where cloud computing performs this function.

Software as a Service is a cloud computing service where we can directly use the application provided.

Google provides the Google Docs application for free.

There are also applications that require users to subscribe to be able to access applications namely Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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