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Writing Good Articles for Websites to Get Rank on Google

Writing Good Articles for Websites to Get Rank 1 on Google

Writing good articles for websites

This is the way.

how to write a good content for a website

1. Learn the prospective character of the reader

Different topics, the demand is also different.

Young people, adults, the majority of men, the majority of women, and others.

For example, articles about “finance” might be 25 years old and above, right? Then the article about the younger interesting game.

So the writing method is also different.

It’s troublesome …

… What do we have to learn about characters for?

The goal is that you can adjust the contents of the article, especially the writing style with the character of your readers.

In other words:

So that your article is pleasant to read.

So that readers don’t get bored.

For example, if your reader is the majority of young people, you use a more relaxed language.

If you are stiff, then they will feel weird.

If so, they will leave.

There is one more thing, you do not have to write according to EYD as taught by the teacher at a school.

The important thing is to read.

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Let’s turn to the reader character …

To find out the demographics of website readers, you can see from the following media:

Google Analytics (Audience> Demographics> Overview)
Community sites where people are enthusiastic about your topic gathered

The picture above is the demographics of the readers of this site.

Taken from Google Analytics.

From what I can know that the readers of this GuideIM site are the majority of men aged 18-24 years.

My writing also adjusts.

2. Fishing the reader with an interesting title

Did you know … if there are 100 people who come to your website, 80 people will read the title of the article?

But only 20 people continued reading the contents.

It’s bad

This means that you lose a huge potential of readers.

Let us remember when doing a search on Google.

What makes us choose one website?

The title … right?

The picture above is the demographics of the readers of this site.

how to write good content

So our battle starts with the title.

If the article is good, no matter how good it is, if the title is bad then no one will read.

One more thing:

If we talk ranking.

The title is also one of the biggest factors that will make your article ranking on Google high.

See the following picture to understand the logic:

Humans will click on more interesting titles …

So if humans consider the second article better, then Google will increase the ranking of the article to be ranked first.

That’s the logic, now we see how.

Suppose if you search on Google with the keyword “how to repel flies”, then rank 1-3 there are articles titled like this:

5 Ways to Repel Flies

5 Practical Ways to Repel Flies from Home in 35 Minutes
Tutorial Tips on How to Get Rid of Flies in the Latest Natural Complete

The title of the first article … normal.

The format for writing titles like number 1 is too standard, there is no X factor that makes other people interested in reading.

Now we see the second title:

There are words like “practical” and “in 35 minutes”.

website content writing samples

From the title, we can imagine that the second article has more value than the first article.

If I can only read 1 article, I will choose the second one.

The first title is like eating tofu.

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The second title is like eating tofu + soy sauce.

Humans who do searches on Google always want the best and easiest solution to their problems.

This is what we have to offer.

Therefore, in the title, there must be “soy sauce”.

BUT it’s not just the title …

Your article must also have soy sauce.

If you write like the example above (practical tips 35 minutes),

then the content must also be in accordance with the title.

Don’t lie to the reader.

how to write good content for a website

Oh yes, we haven’t discussed the third title.

The point is don’t make a title like a number three.

The third title is a victim of excessive optimization by including words that look excited, even though it becomes strange to read.

This is a ridiculous trend that Indonesian bloggers often do.

Never use the 3rd title.

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For how to check it, try saying the title.

If it’s not commonly spoken, it means the title is weird, don’t use it.

The technique of making titles is very important.

Even because of its importance, I made 1 special article that discussed the title.

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