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Some Cool Smartphone Features Today

Some Cool Smartphone Features Today  important features of smartphones

This article is a kind of tips before buying a smartphone or cellphone, both on the Android, iOS (iPhone) and other platforms.

Everyone must have their own preferences when choosing a cellphone.

Some are more concerned with the camera, appearance, RAM, certain brands, processors, good when playing games, prices and so on.

what are the features of a smartphone

Departing from all that, before choosing a cell phone, at least you pay attention to some of the default features that are embedded in the smartphone.

Maybe some of the features mentioned below are not familiar to you.

But it does not rule out the possibility that some of the features are “future” features that will definitely be needed in the future.

Tips before buying a smartphone with current features

new phones coming out 2019

No matter what smartphone you want to buy, at least have most of the features below.

Whether it’s on iPhone phones, Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Asus Zenfone, Oppo, Vivo, LG, Nokia, and other smartphone devices.

1. Multiple Application Features

Especially for cellphone preference that tends to Android, make sure that the cellphone has multiple application features.

In other words, the cellphone can use two applications at once, without having to install a cloning application or application multiplier from a third party.

important features of smartphones

This should be taken into account for your active users of the WhatsApp application.

Considering the SIM Card slot provided by most smartphones in circulation is the dual SIM card or at least the Nano SIM card.

With this dual application feature, you can use 2 WhatsApp on 1 cellphone.

Even more so if you are also active on social media, for business purposes for example.

Of course, the existence of this dual application feature is very very helpful.

It’s better than having to use and carry 2 cell phones everywhere.

2. NFC (Near-field communication) feature

It is certain that most smartphone users don’t know about this NFC feature, let alone use it.

NFC is one of the sensors that is usually embedded in a smartphone.

The NFC function allows our smartphone as a payment tool, multiplayer games, or share music, photos and documents more efficiently.

With NFC, you don’t need to carry your wallet or credit card physically to shop, just bring your smartphone that has an NFC function.

That is, with the NFC feature, you can make payments easily.

Unfortunately, not all smartphones embed the NFC feature as a means of payment, because they still have legal and other problems.

In some smartphones, NFC features are more used to check account balances quickly, by bringing the ATM card closer to the NFC sensor.

Even though you can only check your balance, I think it’s pretty good.

smartphone features and benefits

Instead of having to open the browser or check the balance in the application.

Is it possible for one time this NFC function can actually be used to make transactions or payments?

Let’s wait for the next smartphone updates.

3. Dual Camera Rear with Bokeh-bokeh Feature

For users who prefer the quality of the camera, you should consider choosing a cellphone that has a dual camera.

Why is that?

Because considering that innovation is growing rapidly and rapidly, the existence of a smartphone that only has one camera on the back will be eroded and crushed by smartphones that have dual camera features in the same section.

There are even smartphones that start applying dual cameras on the front and rear.

That is, in 1 smartphone there are 4 cameras pinned.

Dual camera elements are believed to be better used for taking bokeh-bokeh pictures.

Although on 1 camera can also produce the bokeh element.

It’s just that a smartphone that carries a dual camera in the back looks more fashionable in terms of photography on the cellphone than the one that only has 1 camera behind.

4. Supports OIS Features (Optical Image Stabilization)

Still talking to features in the smartphone camera section.

In addition to the bokeh feature element, do not forget to also consider this one feature.

This OIS feature is the technology commonly embedded in DSLR cameras, which can be interpreted as an optical image stabilizer or also known as an anti-shake.

Judging from the term, of course, this feature serves to minimize shocks when trying to take pictures or record videos using a smartphone.

So the results are minimized from blur, or the video results are not shaken.

For those of you who intend to make a vlog, this feature must be on the smartphone that you want to buy.

Because video taking with smartphones with OIS features will be more stable.

5. Minimum 8 GB RAM

It’s the most ideal smartphone now using 8 GB RAM, and even then the standard.

Why is that?

Because the application updates nowadays are also bigger in size than a few months before.

No matter what part of your preference in deciding to buy a new cellphone, make sure the cellphone has a minimum RAM capacity of 8 GB.

Below that, don’t expect you can calmly use a smartphone for a long time.

Especially if you have high flight hours with your smartphone, whether it’s for playing games, chatting, browsing and more, RAM performance is needed.

6. Dual SIM Card

This feature is arguably optional.

But the dual sim card feature is highly recommended for anyone who makes his cellphone as a tool for “money-making” business.

The dual SIM card feature, if coupled with multiple application features, will be better.

That way, you can use 2 applications like WA at once in 1 cellphone.

So, ideally, a good smartphone has a dual SIM, not a nano-SIM or mono SIM card.

7. Fastest Charging feature features of android phones

One of the other future features that should be pinned on the smartphone is the fastest charging feature.

Especially for mobile gaming, this feature will be very useful.

Do not need to wait for a long time until the cell is fully charged.

Especially considering that it is not recommended to use a cellphone when it is being charged.

Of course, the presence of this feature will be very helpful for users who are impatient to quickly play the smartphone.

8. Always On Display feature

This feature is arguably the latest positive enough pinned on a smartphone.

Not only replaces the notification LED feature, but the always-on display feature can also be said to be more than a notification LED.

Because with the always on display feature, even though the device is locked, the cellphone screen still provides useful information and notifications,

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best business phone 2018

such as time and date, incoming calls, SMS, and messages/notifications from certain applications.

9. Resolution

Resolution is indeed not part of the feature, but this is the most important part that should be considered as a prospective buyer to choose a new smartphone.

Ideally, a smartphone that at least carries a Full HD (FHD) screen, or with 1080×2020 pixel resolution.

Also commonly called 1080p.

important features of smartphones

The resolution section is an additional preference for those of you who want to get extraordinary experiences when you want to get the best results in video recording,

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taking pictures/photos, and watching videos on Youtube and so on.

The screen size is not so crucial, provided the resolution is sufficient.

Smartphones with 720p resolution are now getting late.

So make sure the smartphone you are looking for has a minimum resolution of 1080p, or at best it supports 4K resolution.

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